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Yocto Project Update



Saul Wold from Intel discusses the latest on the Yocto Project The Yocto Project Overview and Update The Yocto Project is a joint project to unify the world's efforts around embedded Linux and to make Linux the best choice for embedded designs. The Yocto Project is an open source starting point for embedded Linux development which contains tools, templates, methods and actual working code to get started with an embedded device project. In addition, the Yocto Project includes Eclipse plug-ins to assist the developer. This talk gives a walk-through of the key parts of the Yocto Project for developing embedded Linux projects. In addition, features will be described from the latest release of Yocto. At the end of the talk, developers should be able to start their own embedded project using the Yocto Project and use it for developing the next great embedded device. Saul Wold, Intel Saul is currently the Yocto Project Metadata Component Wrangler (aka User Space Architect) at Intel\'s Open Source Technology Center. He has spoken recently at the LinuxCon Vancouver and Linux Foundation\'s Embedded Linux Conference 2011 and at past Usenix and JavaOne conferences. He has been on the Conference Committees of both Usenix and the Java Virtual Machine Conferences. He has also been a presenter other regional and local Linux and Java users groups around the world.



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