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  • italeveret Said:

    what a great job and keep it up Guys ....

  • tbj61898 Said:

    glad your liked it, We have a GREAT team ;-) have you ever heard about our beautiful and sharming movie director?

  • sprinzy Said:

    No, but who's he? Let me know something about him. I saw his name a the end of the video... Andrea, right?

  • tbj61898 Said:

    Yep, Andrea is our movie director... he may lacks some experience but he's definitely a talent in this area. and what about Alexia, our actress, no experience but she surely did the cut.

  • tbj61898 Said:

    andrea here someone is asking about you...

  • tbj61898 Said:

    thanks ebrizz! feel free to share it with your friends! ;-)

  • spinolo Said:

    Who's that girl? I mean, there isn't her name into the credits.

  • tbj61898 Said:

    Hello Spinolo, her name is Alexia Perego, she is part of Cubeba Gang community (more details at http://www.cubeba.biz/index.php/news-and-stuff/cubnews/65-were-linux-il-contest.html ) Hope you like our video and feel free to share it!

  • m_rossi08 Said:

    Sorry, but I couldn't understand the meaning of your video.... What R U talking about?

  • tbj61898 Said:

    Hello Rossi, the meaning is: right tools free to use that you can keep and reuse! ;-) It's a community help which you share and give back in the future.. as tools were passing from hand to hand! Thanks for your visit!

  • tbj61898 Said:

    Hi Pjsaura, please check my previous answer to mrossi, it may help. I admit that our video is not going directly to technical stuff and may seems different... but we were looking for something not directly related to computer stuff, thus speaking about business tools, as simple as washing a glass ... and We tried to do that without long sentences or description voices...

  • pogliozzy Said:

    I know, but I don't really know what I have to answer :)

  • tbj61898 Said:

    dear pogliozzy you video is so good!

  • ikusari Said:

    With a little more rehearsing and refining, this would be a spectacular commercial. I honestly love the concept and the actions taken in this video to convey it. :]

  • tbj61898 Said:

    Hello Ikusari, Thank You very much for your nice comment... the entire team is delighted and thankful! As You "may" notice We are not professional videomakers but we wanted to show our idea, glad you liked it. We used open source software for the videomaking (Kino and Kdenlive) and I consider that a plus. Obviously a better camera, professional actors and a better understanding of the above free software would greatly improve final result, bringing it to professional level. From music point of view We had great help from The Refounders, a very nice music band gave Us one of their own songs, which is not copyrighted, and We really liked it! Please feel free to share the video link to help us gain in visibility and votes! ;-) Bye, Andrè