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Utilizing nilfs2 fine-grained snapshots



Nilfs2 is the file-system which can constantly take snapshots. It efficiently keeps past state of the file system for a guarantee period, and user or application can freeze its arbitrary time points later on. This feature helps preventing unexpected data loss by mis-operation and versioning files or namespace in arbitrary frequency that applications demand. To utilize such a feature on Linux, however, we need development of user-land tools and smooth interface like other operating systems provide. Also, some file-system enhancement is desired to quickly track changed files or to revert files without duplicating data, etc. This presentation focuses on such ongoing topics. This talk is intended for application developers who wish to make use of snapshot technology on Linux, and people who is interested in file-system. Through this presentation, participants would get a hint to utilize the unique snapshot feature. Speaker:Ryusuke Konishi, NTT



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