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USB Device Support Workshop



USB Device Support Workshopyour platform. We will have a wealth of USB devices and accessories on hand to test with: charging hubs supporting the USB-IF Battery Charging standard (1.1), 10/100 and Gigabit USB wired Ethernet adapters, USB storage devices, USB audio, USB WiFi adapters, USB graphics cards, USB hubs, cables, and input devices, and more. All have open source drivers in the Linux and/or Android kernels to maximize the opportunity for improving Android support. The goal for this 2 hour session will be to walk away with much better information about Android USB support and how you can move things forward for your device. Bernie Thompson, Plugable Technologies Bernie is the Founder of Plugable Technologies, a maker of USB devices and consumer electronics. He has worked on the OS development teams for both "evil empires" (IBM and Microsoft) and is the current maintainer of the Linux kernel udlfb driver. He was also an author for the first issue of Linux Journal (18 years ago).



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