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OpenEmbedded - A Layered Approach



Khem Raj, from the OpenEmbedded Project, discusses a layered approach to OpenEmbedded. OpenEmbedded - A Layered Approach OpenEmbedded has steered towards a layered approach to generate Embedded Linux Distributions. It now has a small set of core metadata which is maintained as openembedded-core and intended to be a base layer on which the distributions build upon using other layers. Since the project took this direction a lot of layers has been created which host BSPs or certain group of packages e.g. QT or Gnome. This talk will go over the approach and its rationale and the current state. It will also show how different layers are being deployed today buy distributions. Then it will highlight the layers that are in existence. This will be highly useful for people who are migrating from classic OE to new approach. It will also help the people wanting to use OE/yocto as build system in there projects. It needs some familiarity with build systems and OE. Khem Raj, OpenEmbedded Project Khem Raj Works on Build systems, GNU Compiler toolchains (gcc, glibc, eglibc, binutils, gdb) for ARM, MIPS,PowerPC,x86. Currently he is working on ELF analysis tools and a new build system form Juniper Networks. He is a contributor to crossgcc, uClibc, OpenEmbedded. He is one of the maintainers of uClibc and OpenEmbedded projects. Khem has been in the Embedded System industry for past 13 years designing and developing different tools to help developer productivity which included developing assembler for Xscale and function simulator and device emulators for Xscale based reference boards. He has ported mobile OS such as Palm OS, symbian, Embedded Linux to use different compiler tools. Formal education include a BS ECE from National Institute of Technology in India



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