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Dirk Hohndel: A Somewhat Different Perspective on 20 Years of Linux



Linux developer and Intel executive Dirk Hohndel provides a unique perspective on the history of Linux, from the developer perspective. Stories are shared in this keynote that few have heard.



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  • Anthony Pierce Said:

    Dirk Hohndel was one of the earliest kernel contributors, and said that he wanted to present his take on the history of the project to provide a perspective that was not focused on the growth of Linux adoption, because for the founders of the kernel, it's primary appeal was as a technical challenge. -The Balancing Act Lifetime

  • George Bush Said:

    It's a shame that Linux never really gets credit for all the things it has accomplished. Runs your PS3, Cable set top box, and most websites are hosted on a Linux machine. So when you're buying your snapback hat remember it's possible because of linux!