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Intelligent Failure Prediction on Linux Systems



This presentation describes the possibility of intelligent failure prediction for Linux Systems using deep check of system data. Strong data processing and analysis algorithm are needed to achieve this. The deep check data points of linux system will be one of the focuses of this paper. A sample analysis of the data for the system prediction also will be covered. It will also cover use cases and the business advantages of this solution. Audience expected to have good understanding of the linux kernel(developers, architects, IT professionals or business analysts). They will be able to get the idea, technical details and business value of failure prediction in linux systems. Value from the Paper: Direct:The solution helps the industry to drive towards zero downtime of linux systems. Indirect:A deeper analysis of Linux system for data points on the health of linux platform may lead to new updates and facilities in the linux kernel versions. Speaker:Sanil Kumar D, Huawei and Timo Jokiaho, Huawei



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