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Ineffective and Effective Ways To Find Out Latency Bottlenecks With FTrace



Kobayashi Yoshitake from Toshiba discusses using Ftrace to find latency bottlenecks. Ineffective and Effective Way to Find Out Latency Bottlenecks by Ftrace Real-time systems are required to respond to events within specified time. Although the Linux kernel has many features for real-time systems, it sometimes missed the deadline. In such case, we need to find out the reason and fix it. Using Ftrace is one of the good option to analyze the latency issues, but it is hard to improve the effectiveness of this tool if the user is unfamiliar with real-time systems. The first half of this presentation shows negative examples to make clear the difficulties of real-time latency analysis. The other half introduces a browsing tool to help to find and fix latency problems. Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba Yoshitake Kobayashi joined Corporate Software Engineering Center, Toshiba Corporation in 2008. Before that he received his Ph.D. degree in computer science at University of Electro-Communications in 2002 and worked as an assistant professor. His research interests include operating systems, distributed systems and dynamically reconfigurable systems.



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