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Content-Centric Embedded Treasure Hunting Robot



A product world is trying to change focusing on ""Content-Centric"". Then, it is necessary to design our products by ""Content-Centric"". For that purpose, it is necessary to perform a trial production and a products design quickly flexibly. Therefore we created one robot based on the soul of ""DIwO(Do It with Others)"" used as basic concepts, such as Make:, in order to realize it. It is created by combining various products used as SoC which Pandaboard. --Brain wave sensor --2-leg Robot --see-through display --Xtion --Android This is an ""AR(augmented reality)-Treasure Hunting Game“ You get virtual treasures by controlling real robot! Rule: -Look at radar window like dragon radar. --Show some treasure on radar. --Center is a place in which a robot is present. -If you move the robot to a treasure place, you get some point. --Controlling the real walking robot is by your brain wave.



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