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Case Study of Android Ice Cream Sandwich Rapid Bringup



Intel's Medfield tablet booted Android Ice Cream Sandwich within 26 hours of the source being made available by Google. This is an overview of how we made this possible. We present the preliminary work done in anticipation of the source drop, how we were rapidly able to bring source into our infrastructure, and specific strategies we used to parallelize work during this critical period. We will also share various improvements planned to ensure future OS/platform bringups go quickly and smoothly. This presentation targets managers, team leads and senior individual contributors who bring up Android on new platforms, or perform Android release upgrades. This will cover both planning aspects and some technical details pertinent to porting Android releases to new hardware. Russell Webb, Intel Russell Webb started his career at Cerner Corp, where he was deeply involved in the development of several new health care documentation applications. He received the Self Graduate Fellowship in 2006 and returned to the University of Kansas for graduate school where primary focus of study was in Machine Learning and Robotics. Russell presented his research and competed in the inaugural Robot Challenge at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Spring, 2008 in Pasadena, CA. Russell began working on Android in August 2008 for Garmin Corp. He was a key contributor to the T-Mobile Garminfone project, responsible for delivering search and navigation features. He left Garmin in the spring of 2011 to join Intel Corporation's Open Source Technology Center to continue working on Android devices. At Intel, Russell has contributed to Honeycomb development on Intel's Medfield reference tablet, and is currently Platform Lead for Ice Cream Sandwich on Medfield tablet.



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