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Automated Testing With ktest.pl



Steve Rostedt from Red Hat discusses ktest.pl Automated Testing With ktest.pl (Embedded Edition) One of the tedious jobs an embedded developer must do is perform multiple tests on the board that they are working on. They must compile, install and boot up the board for each kernel change they make. A new tool has been recently added to the Linux kernel called ktest.pl. This tool can help automate the building, installing and even examining if a board booted correctly or not. ktest.pl even lets the developer kick off a test after the board has booted. This presentation will show you how to set up and use kest.pl in an embedded environment. Steven Rostedt, Red Hat Steven Rostedt has been working with the Linux kernel since 2001. He currently works for Red Hat working in their Messaging Real-time Grid (MRG) division. He created and maintains Ftrace, the official Linux kernel tracer, and still works on other aspects of Linux (anything that deals with Real-Time; scheduler, interrupts, locking,etc). Steven has traveled the world giving talks on Ftrace, Real-Time, and other aspects of Linux. This time, he\'s talking about how to set up a kernel test suite with ktest.pl



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