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An Updated Overview of the QEMU Storage Stack



Like the Linux kernel, QEMU is used in a wide range of applications from single CPU emulation to multiprocessor virtualization. Emulation and virtualization software including KVM, Xen, and the Android Emulator make use of QEMU. The diversity of these applications also means a dizzying array of features from which to choose. This presentation gives a refresher overview of the QEMU storage stack that serves both to explain what storage features are available and also to highlight recent changes. Topics covered include storage stack overview, caching modes, image formats, manipulating image files, hot disk add/remove, and remote block devices. This presentation is aimed at KVM users, developers, and anyone with an interest in the QEMU storage stack. For users it provides an overview of the storage features available in QEMU and highlights improvements and new features. Developers will gain an understanding of the wider toolbox of storage features in QEMU. Speaker:Stefan Hajnoczi, IBM



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