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We're Linux II



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  • opnsrcrocks Said:

    What was that for the last 20 seconds going through the menu? I was expecting some kind of statistics about the Linux usage or the wide spread use of Linux on multiple devices, viz, mobile devices, gps units, wifi routers, netbooks and desktops; instead got a weird 20 second show of menu, which we can hardly make out. The first 40 seconds was very good, the last 20 seconds blotched it up.

  • lifeboy Said:

    Agree with opnsrcrocks, the last part should have major feel-good stats to make the viewer feel safe with the choice we want him/her to make.

  • kennebel Said:

    I agree as well. Stats about usage would be better than a hard to read list of the default installed apps on a particular flavor. Especially since the free software goes so much further. Good pace up to that point.

  • candtalan Said:

    I really liked this. I particularly liked the music and song. The words in the lyric seem very appropriate. The song seems specially appropriate! It could be used in many linux situations. (Live to Be Free by Artist: Griffin House)