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Using the LIO SCSI Target Stack



Roland will give an overview of the LIO SCSI target stack, which allows Linux systems to be used as SCSI targets via iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand SRP etc. The stack was added to the kernel roughly a year ago and has evolved quickly since then. He'll talk about the state of the stack and using it to build real storage servers, and also predict the changes that are coming. The audience would be developers and sophisticated users who are interested in using Linux to build SCSI block storage. This talk will give practical advice based on real-world experience building a Linux SCSI target and talk about where developers can contribute. This is interesting because the target stack is fairly new (merged in 2.6.38 / December 2010) and probably not well-known by either developers or users.



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  • Esra Said:

    Scintillating, brilliantly and excitingly clever and skillful. Made me shiver and quiver.