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Under the Covers of GlusterFS 3.3



Less than one year after the Red Hat acquisition of Gluster, Inc,the Gluster community is growing up. Every day, more users and developers come to appreciate the simplicity, ease of use, and flexibilty of scale-out data storage, GlusterFS style. In this talk, attendees will learn about the project's history, the most recent release, the in-process developer sprint, and what new features are just around the corner. Anand Babu "AB" Periasamy, Office of the CTO, Red Hat AB was the CTO and co-founder of Gluster (Petascale Distributed Filesystem) prior to its acquisition by Red Hat. He also serves on the board of Free Software Foundation India. John Mark Walker, Gluster Community Guy John Mark is an experienced veteran of all things open source and a self-described agitprop, agitator and advocate for those who volunteer countless, unpaid hours for a particular project or community.


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