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UDP Scalability - A Case Study



The Linux UDP stack is a great example of how the kernel network stack has progressed from a uni-processor environment to basic SMP support, and full scalability on a modern multi-core system with a multiqueue network device. This talk will examine the history behind it, with a focus on the interaction between the kernel and user-space that determines the success of the system as a whole. In particular the role of the socket lock will be covered, as well as how nice features such as corking caused poor scalability due to API design. In addition, we will also look at how accounting can degrade scalability and what can be done to regain performance without sacrificing security or functionality. Towards the end we will explore how the principles applied to UDP can be generalised to other systems in the stack. While some knowledge about networking protocols is useful it is not required for this talk. Speaker:Herbert Xu, Red Hat



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