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The Linux Kernel: What's Next



A roundtable discussion on the Linux Kernel: Moderated by Linux Foundation Fellow, Greg Kroah-Hartman, the panel will address the technology, the process and the future of Linux.


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  • jezra Said:

    How do I download this video so that I can play it using something other than Flash?

  • FT Said:

    firefox addons can do the trick: DownloadHelper or Embedded Objects

  • jezra Said:

    or the website developer can include a "download" link

  • gxyz Said:

    ...and imho even should - this reminds of the not-so-good old times, when there were lots of web sites only accessible with MS Internet Explorer version x.y (At least downloading with rtmpdump did work though)

  • jezra Said:

    To answer my own question: I looked at the source of the page and saw that an xml playlist gets loaded with the flash player. I then downloaded the playlist file and pieced together the various bits of information in the file regarding the rtmp stream of the video. on the command line, I ran: rtmpdump -r rtmp://s182odhe7ugups.cloudfront.net/cfx/st/the-kernel-development-panel_35482d/full_hd.mp4 -o kerneldev.mp4 booyah

  • jezra Said:

    timed out and didn't work the low quality worked though: "rtmpdump -r rtmp://s182odhe7ugups.cloudfront.net/cfx/st/the-kernel-development-panel_35482d/low.mp4 -o kerneldev.mp4"

  • Daniel Said:

    You shouldn't need flash. I get it in html5 video - webm and h265 (are you using FF3 perchance?) We aren't hosting these videos ourselves yet, so we can't give download links. But they will be coming at some point soon.

  • kirsche40 Said:

    What a horrible web page. 1) Every few seconds the sound vanishes while the video plays. Some seconds later I get the sound back but the video stucks. Other pages like youtube work without any problem. 2) As I can see in the XML file (http://linuxfoundation.ubicast.tv/videos/playlist/113.xml) there are two versions of this video (low and HD). Why can't I select which I want to view? Please use only technology you are able to master!

  • Daniel Chapman Said:

    Unfortunately the sound problems are due to the recording itself, not this website. Low def is used for mobile devices only.