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The Future of File Protocols: SMB2 Meets Linux



Recent announcements and demonstrations of the new SMB2.2 network file system protocol and its scalability, availability and clustering features make clear that it will become the best way to access files remotely in many environments - even more important than its predecessors CIFS and SMB2, not just on the desktop but also in the data center. We have been developing SMB2 (and SMB2.2) support for Linux kernel, and working closely with others on the Samba team on the server implementation. Although its expected broad adoption by NAS vendors and Microsoft within the next year is important, we expect SMB2.2 to be particularly useful in high performance Linux environments exploiting performance features: improved caching, RDMA, dynamic aggregation of network interfaces and new clustering features. The target audience includes not just developers, but storage admins looking to the future.



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