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The Future is Open



Spot by: Elías Poveda and Rafaela Luz Music: "L'arrivée" by Ehma (art libre) Thanks to: Eros Labara, Hector Herrero, Iñaki Gómez, Jonatan Corroto, Jorge Payá, José M. Poveda, Jose R. Del Rey, Juan C. Rubio, Lola Alemny, Luis F. García, M. Carmen Sirvent, Melissa Puebla, Miguel A. Bango, Sergio Durá, Tatiana Esteban and Yara Vidal.



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  • opnsrcrocks Said:

    The idea behind this video is very good.

  • zelrikriando Said:

    Best video I have seen so far. +5 :)

  • Sdura Said:

    Me gusta mucho! Yo creo que es de los mejores, felicidades.

  • cfriedt Said:

    If you can get a couple of your grandparents in this video and do the funky arm-wave thing, then you've got my 5 stars!!

  • CheesyBeef Said:

    Wow, this is my favorite so far! I just wish the computer screens weren't quirky in the beginning.

  • eliaspoveda Said:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments! :)

  • ikusari Said:

    Five stars :D There's one thing I don't like, though, and it is the end where you're going "through windows" for Linux. Was that intentional? >_

  • brokndodge Said:

    I like the open window metafor at the end.

  • gmaxwell Said:

    Much like the fact that to view this video you must 'go through' the proprietary Adobe plugin and a patent encumbered video codec. The future may be open— but for the Linux Foundaton the present isn't yet, apparently. Low blows aside… Obviously the audience isn't people who already have access to open and free tools, but it sure would be nice to offer a parallel copy of these files in a format that can be legally played by people using Free Software.

  • bproffitt Said:

    We will be be putting up Ogg versions of the finalsts' videos in the next day or so. Brian Proffitt Community Manager

  • eliaspoveda Said:

    Thanks everyone! Congratulations for the contest! I hope is not the last one... see you soon!

  • CheesyBeef Said:

    I already posted here before, but watching the video again a few weeks later, I just have to love it.

  • gerymate Said:

    I would like to put this video onto my website to show it to all my visitors. I am planning to do so if the licensing terms let me to do so, so I have to ask: what are the licensing terms? I really like OGG streaming web facilities, so I am waiting for the OGG version Brian Proffitt promised...

  • bproffitt Said:

    The Ogg version is up now! Brian Proffitt

  • gerymate Said:

    What are the licensing terms for the video?

  • bproffitt Said:

    All videos originating on this site are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Brian Proffitt Community Manager