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The Android Ecosystem



Android is not a product or even an operating system, it is an application and services ecosystem whose success depends on investment from various groups of mobile ecosystem players including mobile operators, device manufacturers, semiconductor companies, system integrators and application developers. This keynote willl provide an overview of the Android ecosystem, reviewing the roles and motivations of the various types of ecosystem participants, giving the audiance an understanding of how the ecosystem functions as a whole and where oppurtunities lie for new entrants. In addition, this years' talk will conclude with a discussion of the growing vertical of "specific-purpose" Android device. The market for specific-purpose Android devices is set to see explosive growth in 2012 as many different industries leverage Android to create cheaper, more powerful and cloud-connected specific-purpose devices that replace legacy devices at retailers, factories, government agencies, healthacare, educational, logistics and transportation entities, etc. Tom Moss, 3LM Tom Moss is co-founder and CEO of 3LM, a mobile security and device management company that has been acquired by Motorola Mobility. Prior to starting 3LM, Tom was a member of the Android team at Google where he was in charge of business development and strategic partnerships for Android worldwide, as well as general Android operations in the JAPAC region. While at Google, Tom received a Founders Award, the highest employee award, given for extraordinary entrepreneurial achievement by a team at Google (in this case, the Android team).



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