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Running uClinux on ARM Cortex-M3 Platform



Sun Wei from Fujitsu discusses running uClinux on ARM Cortex-M3 Platform.

Here are two issues. Firstly, what kind of affect is resulted from using Linux on architecture without MMU? For example, using system call fork(), running LTP syscall test, and building middleware of uClinux-dist and so on. Secondly, in order to reduce the use of RAM on hardware with small amount of DRAM or Flash, what kind of information has been known by trial of realizing kernel-XIP and application-XIP? And also can it be an executable solution that using dynamic link to uClibc instead of static link to reduce the use of ROM? These talks are for those engineers who want to develop low-cost embedded devices using Linux, or want to know how to contribute to uClinux community.



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