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Performance Prediction and Optimization using Linux/Cgroups



With the progress of server consolidation, we tend to operate important applications (APs) and normal APs in the same server. The important APs need the real-time performance and IO performance strictly. In this presentation, I propose the resource optimized method which predicts I/O throughput and latency with regression analysis and feedback function. I evaluate Linux/cgroups in latency and IO throughput with fio benchmark. This method can optimize the computing resources according to each AP requirement. This is my first submit to LinuxCon. In the cloud computing with recent interest, the enhancement of resource management and security is required. I propose Linux/cgroups extensions for persons interested in Linux kernel developer and cloud computing. I make the problem of Linux/cgroups (ex. performance prediction and access control with performance) clear and promote this development. Then I enlarge the field of Linux/cgroups for cloud computing and want to contribute to the spread of Linux. Speaker:Yuzuru Maya, Hitachi



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