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PeakCurrent Management in x86-Based Smartphones



R Durgadoss, from Intel, talks about peakcurrent management in smartphones. PeakCurrent Management in x86-Based Smartphones In certain smartphone usages, the current drawn by the platform increases drastically and can result in transient conditions called peak/burst current. If the current stays above a particular range, components like modem, eMMC, SIM can get corrupted. This paper describes how we limited such current spikes by throttling the performance of some components without affecting the user experience. This solution has been implemented on the Medfield smartphone platform. We will also discuss how the competitors are addressing this issue (Are they really solving it??). We will highlight the challenges involved in up streaming these drivers. R Durgadoss, Intel Durga is a Software Engineer in the Intel Architecture Group at Intel Corporation. He has been working on Thermal and Burst Current Management for Intel Atom based SOC platforms. Durga has been actively involved in Linux Kernel Development since he joined Intel over a year ago; he recently upstreamed Thermal and Current management drivers to the Linux kernel. He is also working on SOC-specific platform solutions to leverage the Thermal Framework inside the kernel. He is currently working on developing Android User space components for Thermal and Current management for Android-based x86 platforms.



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