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Open Compute Project: Making Hardware More Open



We’ve all seen the impact that open source has had on innovation in software; open sharing and collaboration have been at the root of some of our greatest achievements as an industry.? But the pace of innovation in the hardware space — and especially in the physical infrastructure that powers the web — has been markedly slower. When Facebook announced the formation of the Open Compute Project in April 2011, we posed an audacious question to the industry: What if hardware were open? In this session, Facebook’s Amir Michael will discuss the Open Compute Project’s progress toward accomplishing that goal, some of the challenges the OCP community has faced, and the group’s vision for the future.



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  • Christopher Yeleighton Said:

    The Full Screen button in the player does not make the video full screen. Instead, it makes the video a little bigger and it hides the progress indicator so that the viewer cannot navigate the video any more. There is no button to exit the full screen mode, although you can press ESCAPE to do it.