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Mitigating Latency Issues and Postcopy Live Migration for KVM/QEMU



This presentation first introduces the basics of KVM/QEMU live migration focusing on how to synchronize guest memory between the running VM and target VM on a destination node, and explains latency problems thereof with actual data which clearly show how long the guest's VCPUs could be forced to wait for a lock. It is then followed by the latest improvements and developments for the future. The expected audience includes both Linux developers and users, especially who are interested in virtualization technologies: you can concentrate on some topics you are interested in without fully understanding the details you are not familiar with. Based on his experience, including both technical discussions and communication with end users, the speaker will do his best to make this talk to lead to fruitful discussions that would benefit further development of KVM/QEMU.



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  • Leney Gigwa Said:

    Thank you for this presentation, I am new to kvm qemu and are writing a python script to get the number of pre-copy cycles during a remote vm migration given memory size M of a VM in MB, the page dirty rate R of a vm in MB/s. My question is on how to get the page dirty rate. As you said kvm provides a dirty page log facility that provides user space with a bitmap of modified pages since the last call? Please kindly direct me on how to get started. I do not know if this is what I should use and if so how I could go about to implement it. Thank you very much,