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MeeGo (BoFs)



MeeGo, fully open source software platform, is targeted across a broad range of computing device types - next generation smart phones, netbooks, tablets, Connected TVs, media phones and in-vehicle infotainment system. MeeGo is now infiltrating these various device development fields, and these devices are being actively developed in Asia. In this session, We'd like to briefly introduce the MeeGo project status. Let us then exchange our thoughts on the necessary things for spreading MeeGo in Asia. What's the status of adapting MeeGo in Asia? l10n & i18n support on MeeGo What's the strength of MeeGo in Asia? What is missing in MeeGo? Contrary, what is advanced in MeeGo? What's the area that should be improved? Speaker:Yasushi Osonoi, Dell & Mikio Sakemoto, Intel



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