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Linux Pub (with subtiles)


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  • justcallmenobody Said:

    Very funny indeed... Très drôle les mecs ! Bonne chance... A.

  • Sdura Said:

    lol really funny. But people will think Linux is something like an antivirus :(

  • brokndodge Said:

    that was funny, like the joke at the end

  • gerymate Said:

    I am so unhappy that we don't have an OGG version of this.

  • bproffitt Said:

    An Ogg version of this video is now available (see list of source files under video above).

  • wasem Said:

    I would like to put this video onto my website to show it to all my visitors. I am planning to do so if the licensing terms let me to do so, so I have to ask: what are the licensing terms Dissertation.

  • wasem Said:

    Obviously the audience isn't people who already have access to open and free tools, but it sure would be nice to offer a parallel copy of these files in a format that can be legally played by people using Free Software Phd Thesis.

  • bproffitt Said:

    According to our Terms of Service, all content is under Creative Commons license. http://video.linuxfoundation.org/terms-of-service Brian Proffitt

  • bproffitt Said:

    Yes, you can. The license allows for it. BKP

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  • Scott DuBois Said:

    Great video! A lot of effort went into this one.