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  • Victor Bielawski Said:

    The heart rate monitor or whatever should be shown, with perhaps a bluescreen before the penguin does his magic and a desktop after. The little joke was pretty nice. I'm disappointed at the lack of an Ogg version. Luckily I have VLC.

  • collinstocks Said:

    Best one I've seen so far :) (Disclaimer: this is the only one I've seen so far) I understand some French, so I was able to get the gist of what was going on.

  • phocean Said:

    Good and funny one. Well done. A few adjustments in the scenes would make it a professional advertising.

  • mattie Said:

    someone should add english subs so more people can enjoy, it's quite funny! :)

  • Arvil Said:

    The final joke is : Hey girls, do you know the difference between a window and an apple? Nothing hahaha !

  • louisb Said:

    super Seb et le reste de l'équpe ! tu peux le faire en anglais ? non, les sous titres en anglais c'est surement mieux en fait. Bonne chance

  • perpsectoff Said:

    By the way, I think the French should be kept in English markets. In fact, in each market, you should a language that is not native to that market. Am I Sexy, Oui or No?

  • Said:

    Nice and funny! But, what will the simple man see in this ad? He will see that linux can just reanimate his computer. It means he should find someone with linux, when he will have any problems with his desktop. But how can he understand linux is friendly? Anyway thanks, really nice video! :)

  • justintime03_2 Said:

    When I see this, I think of how Linux is known for being dead (old) PC's back to life. Also, I imagine some poor guy's HDD going out, so he runs out and grabs Linux thinking it's maybe not an operating system but a fix to anything that can go wrong with his PC. It's funny and great. But like I've said before: "There's too much confusion to what Linux is right now!" I've switched a few Windows users to Linux in the past few years and I'm tired of people thinking Linux is a just an add on to Windows, or that it's something to be feared. I think it's obvious that LF is trying to help make a dent in the desktop market. Not for money of course, but to free more PC and Mac users. I dunno, people need to be informed. Not left to guess if Linux is an operating system, PC utility software or both.

  • Antony Said:

    Good image but I miss some real information. What is linux? See what I'm saying? But, well done!!

  • pajamas Said:

    this is by far the best of the three best ones. maybe it doesn't work if you don't speak french, i don't know, but this one is the best. i don't know how it would translate into english though.

  • Rick Copeland Said:

    I love this type of humor. Well done. I have a good impression of every ad I have ever seen by Linux. This definitely gives the viewer the idea that Linux will fix things that most others cannot. casino en ligne

  • sportcraftgame Said:

    Nice and funny... but I miss some real information.

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