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Linux AD - What does it mean to be free?



Linux AD for The Linux Foundation. Please Vote 5! I'll be thankful :)



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  • bproffitt Said:

    I like this; simple, direct... great palette. Good one! BKP

  • naamat_iris Said:

    you are the king! extraordinary!

  • perpsectoff Said:

    Free to click the off button. Blecch. Only the music should be recycled into your next attempt.

  • crazykiwi Said:

    Great work, this is very professional and and made me very curious before it said what the topic was.

  • Michele Renda Said:

    You got me to register in. According me this is the best advertising. I like a lot it. For me it is perfect to go on TV. It would be perfect, if available on OGG format. Ps. What licence has this video? Thank you for your work!

  • Said:

    Hi Michele :) You can convert the video to OGG yourself if you want. Right now, I don't see the reason to do that. http://tinyurl.com/bqo2u7 Mmm...you can spread the link to this page to anyone you want. But I don't want people to change it at this point of the contest. Thank you for your comment!

  • justintime03_2 Said:

    I agree this is the best video posted in this competition. This is VERY well done, but I hope you're willing to change something before this competition closes. I know what Linux is and so does everyone on this site ( I hope so) . But this commercial doesn't say what Linux is. It's easy for us since we know what Linux is, but the average Windows or Mac user wouldn't think of this as an operating system and would be very confused. I imagine a few would ask around or Google "Linux". I really do like this commercial, I just think it'd be nice if you added a few seconds to it showing what it was an option to. But great work, I hope to see another one.... Unless you want to add "Take the test" By Severed Filth (Jono Bacon of Ubuntu ).

  • DORIT Said:


  • Said:

    I like this a lot... and it is actually good that it does not say what it is.

  • justintime03_2 Said:

    Well by not saying what it is it defeats the purpose of informing people about Linux. This would be good if Linux Foundation had two commercials of Linux on TV. That's what's wrong with Linux right now, the public doesn't know what it is. Sure the technophiles know about it. The whole point of this competition is to inform people about Linux, but what good will it do if they have no idea what it is. Linux is a state-of-the-art operating system paired with freedom. This could almost pass as an ad for anything. Besides the cursor, there's no telling that it's related to computers. It's a brilliant piece of work, but by not giving a clear image as to what Linux is only a few people will take the time to find out more about it. This is the perfect time to be informative about Linux. I'm happy with my Ubuntu. Who knows what will happen with Linux in the upcoming years? I've used it since I was fourteen and everyday I see it growing more and more. It's been a wild ride...

  • caiocc12 Said:

    This video is totally awesome. Agree with some that the music should be changed. Only the music. This one touches people's heart. When seeing this ad, people who don't know Linux don't get a clear word about what it is exactly. I think that's actually positive: it stimulates curiosity (some people will google for it, and be presented a wikipedia article*), and curiosity is what people need when exploring into Linux. Sorry about my English, I'm not a native speaker. * the wikipedia article seems quite geeky for me. The introduction of the article is full of technical terms and etc. I think it needs some rewrite.

  • justintime03_2 Said:

    This is a great video and I hope it wins. It's original and interesting. I hope LF starts putting out commercials after this. Linux does need it. I'm compiling Wine 1.1.14 right now. It's amazing how many Windows apps Linux runs now!

  • Said:

    1. justintime03_2 Thank you! I don't think we can deliver what Linux is in less then 60 seconds. I was trying to "sell", not the product, but the idea of open source. I want people to see my ad and become curious about it. I want them to search and see that this is a big world and not just "operating system". Because it's not. It's a way of life :) Also, because Linux is so flexible, you can't really show how it looks like ;) 2. Dorit, Alexia 10x! :) 3. caiocc12 Thanks! I agree...the Wikipedia article is very complex for the ones how don't know Linux :\

  • justintime03_2 Said:

    I was just saying relate it to being an operating system more. There's already too much confusion about what Linux is already.

  • Said:

    That's why I used the cursors. It's related to computers.

  • Michele Renda Said:

    I don't think there is the need to say Linux is an OS. 90% of person don't know what is an OS. They know Windows. Nike don't say that make shoes. It say only Nike. So I think this advertising is perfect. In my opinion!

  • justintime03_2 Said:

    Well I didn't mean that it should say "OPERATING SYSTEM". The same way Nike doesn't say "SHOES!", but they do show shoes in their commercials. Nike won't be confused for breathmints lol.

  • QuantumG Said:

    "Freedom" is never needing to ask permission.

  • PhoneDog John Said:

    This is the best I've seen, although the singing penguin man and his back-up come in a close second.

  • phr0ze Said:

    I created an account to say this is awesome. Don't change it. I've watched the other commercials and this is the closest. I think your use of the drawings and symbolism is also excellent.

  • irmacamp46 Said:

    I know. I am looking for a new microphone and placing some carpet under piano. Did you have to upload through Youtube? I get that on most of my jingles. Thanks anyway and I am working on my audio situation!!! Godd Luck!!!

  • Said:

    Thank you Rajesh Irma, good luck to you too :)

  • tuxedup Said:

    The video is really good. It very professional (well to me anyway). I disagree with the idea that the advert needs to explain what Linux is. The video creates a level of confusion and intrigue. A lot of adverts on TV are doing that at the moment it seems. So I am assuming that by watching this people will be intrigued as to what 'Linux' is and may look on the internet. I know these adverts work on me anyway haha. When I see one I tend to go on-line and look at what the company/products.

  • Said:

    this video is very good in terms of quality. it's disappointing to see so less decent videos in this contest. Hopefully this video wins..

  • Said:

    tuxedup - Thank you! I juts hope someone will fix the Wikipedia entry. Right now it's very complex for the average user. Alper, Andrey - Thanks a lot. I also hope it'll win ;) Vote and spread it to your friends! Thank you!

  • Said:

    This ad is amazing! Simple, enticing, modern, and not cheesy. I would only alter two things: the music, while I found to be ok, I can see how it could be un-nerving; and I would place a link at the end of the ad, allowing viewers a portal into further Linux centric information. There really needs to be a site which immediately presents the user with a linear EXTREME layman's explanation of Linux, it's features, and an installation/usage guide. Hell, I guess I'll add that to ideaforge.

  • justcallmenobody Said:

    Nice spot man ! Congrats... A.

  • kalwisti Said:

    Congratulations, amitayt! This is very nice, looks professional and has a different approach than many of the other contest videos. It is one of my favorites. The only change I might suggest is to add some sort of a Linux-related URL in the final frame, so that interested viewers will have a starting point other than a raw Google search. I wish you lots of luck. There are some great, creative videos here and I'm grateful that I don't have to pick the winner. :-)

  • ppyo Said:

    Very classy video. Intriguing, too! Good job!

  • linux_underpants Said:

    Wonderful start, but needs some kind of comparison to how most people experience computing under M$/@pple. It's exactly how I would describe what free computing is.

  • Said:

    Pedro, Thank you! Randall - I think most of the people know about this experience ;) Thanks for the comment!

  • PeterNY Said:

    Good video. Was that made with Open Source Software? which one?

  • ekse Said:

    Wow ! This video is awesome. Really, I think you should win the contest.

  • CheesyBeef Said:

    I really like the idea behind this. I like the subtle things also, like the three O's for what I believe to be OpenOffice.Org :D

  • Said:

    Thank you Brian, I'm glad you liked it :) The O's can also be......OS ;)

  • rsturk Said:

    Great video! I like that slogan, Simple and direct.

  • nitindb Said:

    Impressive, very powerful. A little hand-holding would do no harm though. Just a little more of a hint (even a tiny one) that this is something that is an alternative to Windows or Mac would seal it. But great job!

  • Arc Riley Said:

    Amitay The reason to offer an Ogg version of your video is that Ogg is free, WMV is not, and many people may want to share your video without requiring the people they share it with to install proprietary codecs (including Flash) to watch it. Transcoding from WMV to Ogg produces very poor quality, only you have the original source to encode this to Ogg properly.

  • bproffitt Said:

    We will be be putting up Ogg versions of the finalsts' videos in the next day or so. Brian Proffitt Community Manager

  • justcallmenobody Said:

    Congratulations on the winning ! Peace, A.

  • Said:

    Thank you ALL for your votes and comments! This is really exciting :) I hope this ad will help people to see that Linux is really great product and not so threatening.

  • ekse Said:

    Congrats for the win! Like I said in a previous comment, I thought you had the best submission and I'm really glad you won. 2 thumbs up!

  • unmukt Said:

    Great. I liked it. बहुत अच्छा - पसन्द आया।

  • eliaspoveda Said:

    Congratulations! I was between the top five and I think you'r video was the BEST one. Good work!

  • bproffitt Said:

    An Ogg version of this video is now available (see list of source files under video above).

  • kalwisti Said:

    Congratulations on winning the contest, Amitay! It was well deserved. Say hello to Tokyo and the Ginza for us. Who knows? Maybe you can find a bargain-basement deal on a netbook running Linux. :-)

  • rdnckhxr Said:

    A request for LF: Please translate this ad into english before you use it. It's barely understandable.

  • bproffitt Said:

    Actually, I disagree. While accented, the voiceover is very understandable. Brian Proffitt Community Manager

  • l33tmyst Said:

    An ogg that actually works is available at http://fwot.info/free.ogv

  • bugmenot Said:

    Firstly, you have used Adobe Flash, which encourages the use of non-free software. At least you have offered an ogg theora version of the video, that's good. The video didn't explain freedom very well or how it relates to software and didn't mention GNU. For someone who is new to the idea of free software this video is not helpful at all. The video speaks of "options" which is not what freedom is about. Being allowed to choose between masters is not freedom, you are still enslaved. This video explains free software much more clearly: http://www.gnu.org/fry/ The Freedom Fry video is also a good example of embedding video into a web page using only free software.

  • bproffitt Said:

    A new Ogg version of this video is now available (see list of source files under video above). Sorry for the inconvenience; the last one tested okay on my openSUSE box, but to my chagrin, didn't run on anyone elses' machine. Thanks, Brian Proffitt

  • pm2012 Said:

    Nice Video Intrigued by the French accent . . . a link perchance to Freedom fries (?)

  • thaigor Said:

    Hello I would like to ask what license is this video is ? I would like to translate it in Thai language and broadcast it as much as possible to spread linux ! Thank you : )

  • bproffitt Said:

    All videos on this site are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Brian Proffitt Community Manager

  • rajeshux Said:

    I appreciate the core idea and the final output before us. Congrates Mr. Amitay.

  • quetzalzun Said:

    it is pretty good, until it doesnt says what Linux is, but, I am nos shure if it is strength or weakness, in any case and taking the nike example, they do a lot of more stuff than only shoes, they actually, from my view, send an idea or a concept instead of a shoe. In the case of Linux, it is from my foreing user view, more than code, it is an idea, a freedom idea, so, i agree with this. saludos and forgive my awful english.

  • vanwolverton Said:

    Brilliant. Love the music, how simple it is, and the freedom theme. Wish the voice was less abrasive. :) sweet video. very impressed.

  • jaro123 Said:

    Thank you GNU for a freedom you giving to Linux.