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Let's Kill All Proprietary Drivers For Good



Proprietary drivers have a long history and tradition which has been imposed upon the industry by archaic driver development models and Operating System Vendor requirements. Licensing drivers in a clean way to share with Linux and the BSD families had typically been done under the confusing Dual BSD/GPL tradition. With the 'ath5k wars' and the involvement of the SFLC we've learned a few things to help clarify this and accomplish this in a clean way, but as new driver development continues one of the biggest issues observed is quality of software with proprietary software development models. What are these issues, and how do we fix them? A Linux and FreeBSD developer propose to kill all notions of proprietary drivers practices in the industry for good, not only for Linux, but for all Operating Systems. We'll review how we plan on doing this and would like feedback from the community.



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  • Robinson 'qubit' Tryon Said:

    The WebM version doesn't seem to be working for me (Ubuntu 11.10, Firefox 11 or Chrome 18.0.1025.142). The Flash version works, and the WebM version of other videos works as well. P.S. kudos on providing a webm version. it's really appreciated.

  • Luis Rodriguez Said:

    You need to use the Flash version unfortunately -- hit the icon on the bottom right that looks like a garbage can... that makes it come out in Flash...

  • Robinson 'qubit' Tryon Said:

    Hmm... just testing now it looks like I can find the webm url and grab it with wget, etc. So there's at least a work-around for Flash. Thanks.

  • Daniel Chapman Said:

    Are you still experiencing these problems? I can see it just fine as HTML5 in both FF11 and Chrome. Can you watch the direct link: http://d17mmld7179ppq.cloudfront.net/lets-kill-all-proprietary-drivers-for-good_3e35b5/hd_ready.webm