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KVM Live Snapshot Support



Live snapshots allows the administrator of a KVM virtual machine to make a snapshot of the virtual machine's disk(s), while it continues running. This allows for transparent backups of virtual machines, which can be centrally managed by the cloud provider. Live snapshot needs to operate across enterprise storage (NetApp, iSCSI, FC), NFS, snapshot capable file systems (btrfs), LVM, and QEMU image files. In involves the whole stack from the guest agent, through QEMU and libvirt to the management layer. This presentation will discuss the work of implementing live snapshot support in QEMU and quiesce support in the QEMU guest agent. In addition it will discuss the limitations of the current implementation and further work needed throughout the stack, in order to achieve full enterprise grade snapshot support. Who should attend: Developers and Linux users who are interested in Virtualization and enterprise storage. Speaker:Jes Sorensen, Red Hat



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