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  • PhoneDog John Said:

    This is one of three versions.

  • PhoneDog John Said:

    My videos can be seen at their proper sizes and proportions at: http://my.opera.com/coldstatue/blog/show.dml/3058028

  • cfriedt Said:

    That's pretty awesome how you're streaming your home music collection to your phone... could you set up a blog entry or wiki entry somewhere and explain how you've done it? I like the premise of the video: can do cool things + don't need to be an engineer Maybe it would be nice to also have the "it just works" theme thrown in there too. Does your mobile phone happen to run Linux too?? :)

  • rpryor Said:

    very good message portrayed here dont have to be a computer genius to use it well done

  • PhoneDog John Said:

    It's not a tutorial, but this will get you going in the right direction - that is, if you have an Android phone: http://short.to/2lx8 I do, and it is based on the Linux kernel. There's also an app in the Market called Jinzora, but GMote was a lot easier for me to use. If you're not into the current or upcoming Android devices, the Openmoko Freerunner will run it. But that's for pretty hard-core tinkerers at this point. I've never used one. Take care.

  • xamix Said:

    Hi. I´ve seen you´re 3 videos and although the winners are more eye catchy yours have something the others lack being this an add to "compete" with i´m a mac or i´m a pc. You have the right idea but maybe like another comment said in the 2nd one a bit boring way to show it (this last one is better, the second is truthful but repetitive). You have a great catch phrase at the end (it´s like..hello ...im a user - not a computer- and i use linux) which goes very well against the other two commercials. Resuming: good idea , great catch phrase...needs better video xD (although i like by it´s simplicity that transmits the right idea but one has to think of the target public) greetings