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  • PhoneDog John Said:

    This is one of three versions.

  • PhoneDog John Said:

    My videos can be seen at their proper sizes and proportions at: http://my.opera.com/coldstatue/blog/show.dml/3058028

  • nitrane Said:

    I really like what you say and you are very good in front of the camera. I wouldn't be as good in front of a camera :)

  • Tequila Said:

    booooooooooooring, this wouldn't make me switch to linux.. most people just want to watch videos, listen to music, read their mail, browse the web with their os.. they can't care less about collaboration, progress, sharing ideas, non-exclusivity, non-monopoly, etc these buzzwords would be great to attract people to develop software for linux, but the ad is too non-technical to archieve that