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  • PhoneDog John Said:

    This is one of three versions.

  • PhoneDog John Said:

    My videos can be seen at their proper sizes and proportions at: http://my.opera.com/coldstatue/blog/show.dml/3058028

  • cfriedt Said:

    Awesome - I like how you've versioned your videos - that fits right in with the Linux ideology. I gave you 4 stars on your v3 ... and it's ok to be a geek man... get your geek on! Wear your geek proudly! Re: configurability ... that is so true... I tried out a mac after having used Linux for so long and was really annoyed that I couldn't change keybindings ... or change anything, really. Nothing beats Linux once you've found your groove!!

  • Said:

    this one rocks: I use linux to make my friends say "woow how do you do that" jaja.. Cool video.

  • slome001 Said:

    wow.. can u show me how to use linux/ lol..

  • ogreen32 Said:

    I like ad 3. Good job John!! Good luck with the contest.