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GDB Status Update & GDB on ARM



In the past several years, the GNU Debugger (GDB) has seen considerable new development, from long-overdue code cleanups to major new feature additions, such as non-stop debugging and multicore support. While formerly GDB development was driven by chipmakers, the impetus now comes from Linux vendors and developers of high-performance embedded systems, who need GDB In this talk, Stan will give an overview of what is happening with GDB these days, including enhancements to C++ support, Python integration, non-stop debugging, multiple process support, multicore support, target-side debug agents, and GDBserver. While the coverage will include some implementation detail, the emphasis will be on what the new work does for developers, and how they make GDB more useful in building the next generation of software.

Linaro is a not-for-profit engineering organization consolidating and optimizing open source Linux software and tools for the ARM architecture. One of the ongoing focus areas of Linaro's Toolchain Working Group is enhancing the GNU Debugger to provide a first-class debugging experience on current ARM-based devices. This talk will provide an update of the work we've been doing in Linaro on GDB for ARM, its current status, and an outlook on work in progress. We will discuss challenges specific to debugging ARM architecture code, in particular when using recent features like the Thumb-2 instruction set, the NEON vector unit, or hardware watchpoints, as well as challenges related to debugging Android based systems. Since remote debugging is important with many ARM devices, particular emphasis will also be on GDB's remote capabilities and ongoing work to enable similar user experiences in both native and remote debugging.



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