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Embedded Linux Conference 2013 - Inside the RT Patch



The Linux Foundation Embedded Linux Conference 2013 Inside the RT Patch By Steven Rostedt San Francisco, California The real-time patch (which provides CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT), has been around since 2005. Started by Ingo Molnar and maintained by Thomas Gleixner and several others, it has grown from a hobby RTOS into a very serious contender. Several distributions (Red Hat, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu) supply a kernel version that includes this patch. The embedded world has started adding the -rt patch to their own devices that they ship. But do the embedded developers understand what the -rt patch supplies? Programming for real time, and especially when writing kernel code requires special knowledge to avoid real time traps. This talk will explain what the real time patch provides and special programming tips that will ensure embedded developers will get the best from their devices.



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  • Gryph0n Said:

    Its very ironical that the Foundation which claims to promote Open Source and Linux, does not allow me to download videos; instead it insists on me playing videos via a proprietary plug-in (Flash)