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Developing Embedded Linux Devices Using the Yocto Project



The Linux Foundation has announced the Yocto Project to unify the world's efforts around embedded Linux, to make Linux the best choice for embedded designs. The Yocto Project is an open source, collaborative universal starting point for embedded Linux development which contains tools, templates, methods and actual working code to get started with an embedded device project. The project also includes application development tools and emulators to assist in application development, debugging and optimization. The Yocto Project is a joint effort between the open source OpenEmbedded project and the leading embedded silicon and software vendors. This talk gives a walk-through of the key parts of the Yocto Project for developing embedded Linux projects. The talk will outline how to: start from a project download, run your first build of Linux, picking a footprint size, architecture and layers customize it for a given hardware and software project, and use the application development tools, Eclipse plug-in and emulators to debug your embedded device. At the end of the talk, developers should be able to start their own embedded project using the Yocto Project and use it for developing the next great embedded device. Speaker:Dave Stewart, Intel



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