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Collaboration Summit 2013 - Red Hat: Total Data Center Victory



The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2013 San Francisco, California Total Data Center Victory: Open Source Data Storage By John Walker We have seen the last ubiquitous, proprietary technology in the data center. Current technology trends tie together a few vectors - virtualization, automation, scalability, and open source - into a common direction: speed, agility and rapid iteration. Out of all the areas of IT, data storage is one of the last to be abstracted from the hardware. Networking is another. Traditional data management software and hardware does not lend itself to the speed and agility of today's data center needs, but the coming data deluge alters this dynamic considerably, and only the scalable will win. With unstructured data growing exponentially, our open source industry is now at the vanguard of a new era of data storage and management, and software-based storage is the way to claim victory over these challenges.



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