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Collaboration Summit 2013 - Multifactor Authentication in the Cloud



The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2013 San Francisco, California Multifactor Authentication in the Cloud By Dustin Kirkland There's still no magic pill to solve all your cloud security woes, but one way to preserve the integrity of your cloud and cloud data is thru multi-factor authentication. This type of authentication significantly reduces the chances of an account being compromised or access being granted to an unauthorized party, and works really well on shared systems where multiple users may login at different points thru the day. But traditional two-factor authentication that requires the user to have direct, physical access to the device in use, simply doesn't work in the cloud. We'll review existing authentication techniques and which ones provide the right mix of usability, scalability and security in the cloud, such as: Is two-factor authentication strong enough? How scalable are smart cards in the enterprise? How can multi-factor authentication in the cloud to secure things like SSH sessions?



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