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Collaboration Summit 2013 KEYNOTE - Dystopia as a Service



The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2013 San Francisco, California Dystopia as a Service By Adrian Cockcroft We have spent years striving to build perfect apps running on perfect kernels on perfect CPUs connected by perfect networks, but this utopia hasn't really arrived. Instead we live in a dystopian world of buggy apps changing several times a day running on JVMs running on an old version of Linux running on Xen running on something I can't see, that only exists for a few hours, connected by a network of unknown topology and operated by many layers of automation. I will discuss the new challenges and demands of living in this dystopian world of cloud based services. I will also give an overview of the Netflix open source cloud platform (see netflix.github.com) that we use to create our own island of utopian agility and availability regardless of what is going on underneath.



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