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Collaboration Summit 2013 KEYNOTE - Automotive Crowdsourcing



The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2013 San Francisco, California Automotive Crowdsourcing: Enabling Collaboration beyond Customer Surveys, Focus Groups, and Industry Consortia By Matt Jones Imagine directly participating in the development and engineering of the next generation of your favorite vehicle make and model. Imagine working with automotive companies outside the traditional supply chain. Imagine developing cool new applications that directly interact with in-vehicle systems. Imagine designing a sophisticated user interface for in-vehicle infotainment. Since the inception of the motor vehicle and throughout its history until today, modifying and improving their ride has inspired many enthusiasts and created a large ecosystem of suppliers, professional and hobby garages, car shows and much more. However, these efforts have been limited to aftermarket, mechanical and, to some extend, electrical modifications. Join Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover, as he discusses a new era of automotive history. By opening up the software design process for in-vehicle infotainment and inviting developers and engineers around the globe to participate and collaborate in automotive open source projects, the whole automotive community is going to mark another milestone. In his keynote Matt will outline how Automotive Grade Linux and making source code, ready-to-run system images, documentation and more will enable a era of broad collaboration that extends much beyond the automotive industry itself and traditional market research.



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