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Collaboration Summit 2013 - Enable SRIOV on PowerNV Platform



The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2013 San Francisco, California Enable SRIOV on PowerNV Platform By Wei Yang SRIOV(Single Root I/O Virtualization) is a PCIe enhancement that enables PCIe devices to exposemultiple virtual PCIe devices. This feature enables multiple virtual machines to independently drivethe same physical PCIe device using its own instance of virtual PCIe device. Linux already supportsthis feature on x86 hardware. However IBM's new KVM based Power hardware poses additionalconstraints to enable this feature.In our paper we propose to describe the implementation of this feature in the Linux kernel and oursolution towards enabling this feature for Power hardware. We will also present performancenumbers on Power hardware comparing this feature with other I/O virtualization technology.Anyone interested in IO Virtualization, its benefits, and its implementation detail can benefit fromthis talk.



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