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Btrfs Filesystem: Status and New Features



The Btrfs filesystem is quickly becoming a mature part of the Linux kernel. This talk will discuss the Btrfs roadmap and demonstrate some of the newest Btrfs features.



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  • Rene Bon Ciric Said:

    And, yet, nothing on quotas... any comments on that?

  • Arne Jansen Said:

    There's a feature called Subvolume Quota Groups under development with some preview patches already posted. Check if this fits your needs :)

  • haytham helmy Said:

    the Btrfs is trying to simulate the winning ZFS file system... but the ZFS file system is an enterprise filesystem that enterprises can depend on....Btrfs is not yet... it needs more time... actually i think it needs long time to catch up with ZFS

  • David Said:

    A former ZFS developer wrote an article which says, among other interesting things, that BTRFS is better deigned than ZFS, with similar features but fundamentally different inside: http://lwn.net/Articles/342892/

  • max Said:

    During work I had a kernel panic (from btrfs). After this all data unavailable. How can I recover data?

  • neteosys Said:

    Where is the video? Seems to be missing. Please repost it.

  • neteosys Said:

    http://video.linux.com/videos/chris-mason-btrfs-file-system Seems to have been moved. Please fix this.