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Board Bringup: LCD and Display Interfaces



David Anders of Texas Instruments discusses board bringup. Board Bringup: LCD and Display Interfaces Board bringup is one of the most under documented aspects of embedded development. This presentation will look at the various display technologies such as DisplayPort, DVI, LVDS, and other LCD interfacing methods with emphasis on how to bringup, debug, and validate them on new hardware. Using a case study, aspects such as interfacing timing, extended display identification data(EDID), and backlight controls will be discussed. Most embedded linux developers at some point in their career will be handed a piece of hardware that is untested. LCD bringup is one of the most challenging assignments for an embedded developer. This presentation intends to provide some core tools and methods for bringup of a new display interface. David Anders has previously presented at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2010 with ""Board Bringup: Methods and Utilities"" and Embedded Linux Conference 2011 with "Board Bringup: Open Source Hardware and Software Tools". David Anders, Texas Instruments David Anders is a embedded systems engineer specializing in the integration of hardware and software at the lowest levels utilizing Open Source tools, bootloaders, and operating systems such as Linux to rapidly produce quality products. Past product developments have included the TCSX-1 thin client for Advantage Business Computer Systems, the M5900 handheld for American Microsystems Ltd., the PandaBoard for Texas Instruments, as well many accessory boards for the BeagleBoard from TinCanTools. His specialty is complex problem solving to provide rapid solutions to both hardware and software issues. This includes reverse engineering existing legacy projects as well as processing, assimilating and filtering large amounts of datasheets, schematics, software source code, and management specifications.



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