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Block Facebook and Unwanted Websites Using ClearOS



This Video is about how to Block Facebook, porn sites and unwanted websites. Even you can block the .exe softwares from download. very usefull video to Linux lovers. and watch my more videos from https://www.youtube.com/8bitzs



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  • Linuxfrickler Said:

    Why can I not Download the Linux Videos?! I wish these informative Videos should be free to download, and wihtout any kind of barrier. HTTPSSSSS is a Barrier per Exellance! Https blocks Websites I with to visit, and this Evil spreeds araound the Internet. HTTP should be the STANDARD. Software should be dowbnloadable as .tar.gz or .zop Files without any hassle or barrier like cvs, git or other "obfuscation". I wish to build me an Linux-from-Scratch, but WIHTOUT systemd, without GNOME and KDE. Linux should be a free Unix-like System, according to the philosophy of Keep-it-Simple, best solutions are easy to understand and to configurable - just with plain.text files, and NOT with "something" obfuscated like "systemd", udev, and the "Destops". I wish the a Linux back that I loved in the 90er years, full of ideas and free software developped by hobbiists. Why are Videos on Youtube, but not on the Website linux.com to download? From Youtube I can not download anything. I wish Linux should be better, and without all the ugly thinngs from Gnome, KDE and so on. I hopoe, the Standard for software should be tar.gz file, and not "something", where I cannot download the clean sourcecode. I hope that the "autotools" should be deprecated, because this is a Obfuscation of the Software-Build-process. I want to undestand, how to build software, and want to learn how I can write plain makefiles by maself. A Howto is missing - an Howto about building software, avoiding the Dependenca-hell, making "systemd-ec-tomy" (removing dependency to systemd), and remove dependencies to Gnome or KDE. I don´t have an University-Degree, I am only a hobbyist from Germany, who wish to leran how to program und build Software for myself. Best Wishes , Yours sincerelly, a Linux User from Germany.