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Are you Linux?



Are you Linux? is designed to promote the widespread use of Linux. Most people only think of Linux in servers or desktops, but it has wide use outside the IT environment. We show a variety of different devices all running MontaVista Linux. We want you to stop and think, are you Linux and you don't even know it?



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  • TD Said:

    Pretty cool. Didn't know Linux was everywhere. I'm Linux!

  • tkitch Said:

    Hey, I have that Sony Reader...didn't know it was Linux!

  • Said:

    This is pretty good. The explanation at the end helps set it apart from the countless unimaginative "I'm Linux" Windows ad rip offs.

  • dmisen Said:

    Thanks. That's exactly what we were going for, showing the broad usage of Linux in all kinds of devices. Glad you liked it!

  • justcallmenobody Said:

    I'm sorry but I don't like at all the "branding" at the end... Linux is not about a single distro but all of them... It's sad because the beginning was good... Good entry.

  • dmisen Said:

    Fair comment. I did try hard to make sure the message wasn't a commercial but was really around the use of Linux in many types of devices. Glad you liked the first part, appreciate the comments!

  • benjolley Said:

    Wow Linux is moving the world around us. Glad to see that companies like Monavista are helping manage many technologies.

  • weboide Said:

    Cool video, also funny that they say I'm linux and they have XP running. Could have been more convincing.