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Android OTA Software Updates



AOSP is distributed with the source code and tools for full (whole image) and incremental (binary patch) secure over-the-air (OTA) software updates, specifically an alternate boot target Recovery Console, the updater logic itself, and tools to create software updates. There is no publicly available documentation for how this mechanism is supposed to be integrated. This presentation will give a detailed end-to-end description of how software updates are created, digitally signed, and applied to the device. There will be a discussion on the plug-in architecture and Edify language which allows builders to customize the OTA updates with platform-specific features. The intended audience will be developers doing Android platform development in support of a product who would like to use the open source OTA system that ships with AOSP. It is assumed that attendees have a basic knowledge of Android platform development, but no prior knowledge of the OTA system is required. Andrew Boie, Intel Andrew Boie is a software engineer at Intel Corporation supporting Android on Medfield Atom-based tablets. He is the Android technical lead for tablet OTA software updates, power/performance, device provisioning, and the bootloader. Prior to working at Intel Andrew worked for Garmin International as an engineering team lead on the Android Eclair-based Nuvifone projects.



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  • shriduttkothari Said:

    I am not able to watch the video it asks me for authentication whereas i am already logged in. If it requires some other credentials that the account of this website please let me know about it so i can wath the video. Thanks, Shridutt Kothari shriduttkothari@gmail.com

  • Magnus Said:

    The audio is very distoreted, likely due to clipping. If the source is not affected by the same problem, would it be possible to re-processes the video?