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A Novel Approach to In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Based on Android



In the future vehicles are going to be always online. The constantly increasing number of electronic devices raises consumer expectations. Both driver and passengers want to be online. This requires new and flexible IVI and HMI solutions. Users expect intuitive and simple to operate interfaces, but at the same time they expect the systems to handle a lot of their data and apps. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in Infotainment solutions. Open software platforms will allow users to add new functionality and services, also by third parties, over the whole life-span of a product. This requires solutions that reconcile the multi-media world of consumers with traffic security requirements, in a cost effective and secure hardware platform. The presentation will highlight challenges and opportunities by bringing Android to the IVI environment and introduce the audience to security requirements so far not addressed by smart-phones or tablets. A technology demonstrator will be shown. Thomas B. Rücker, Tieto Thomas B. Ruecker is working with open source and embedded linux systems. He's been involved for years in open source portable media player projects based on Qt/e, Android, MeeGo, Mer. He's working for Tieto as a Program Manager.



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