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100 Linux Tutorials : How to install Ubuntu Voice Recognition by James McClain



Installing and testing the best voice recognition program for Ubuntu Linux actually.



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  • Leonard Legg Said:

    I need some help or direction to get this going. I am in the process of recovering from a stroke, so I can surely make good use of the software if I can get it going. I am a complete newbe to linux having just finally getting it up and running (ubuntu 14.04) but at about 2.5 min in the tutorial your ubuntu suddenly is much different than mine. Got past some differences but I don't have a menu choice to run the file from terminal. Please give me a hand to figure how to get past this issue.

  • Leonard Legg Said:

    Well let's see if my second request for help works any better than the first one. I dug it out and solved the issues to get the program installed However now I find that the hot key is non responsive. I doubt that I can learn to program quickly enough to be of any help in solving this issue.